Cloud Bookkeeping

I am writing this to say a big thank you to Bill for the work he has done with my sister.

She was unemployed for quite a long period and was continually being knocked back for reasons that no one could put their finger on. So I asked you if you could give her some advice to help her break out of the vicious circle she was in.

You kindly agreed to see her and gave her some sound and sensible advice and tips. More importantly you helped to rebuild her self-confidence.

Shortly after seeing you she found a permanent job and we believe that your advice helped her considerably.  However, it does not end there.  You have now also given her some tips and advice on how to get through the important probation period in her new job.

So, once again thanks Bill for helping to put my sister in the picture. i will defiantly be recommending you to others.

Ambrose Gordon

 Nice One Film

I’m writing to thank you for the phenomenal work you carried out for us at Nice One Film. We approached you for some business guidance as we felt we could gel and perform better as a unit.

I set up a meeting to introduce you to the other directors and for you to outline the processes undertaken to determine the variety of skills we had as a team. You suggested we take 3 assessments to determine our particular managerial styles., characteristics when dealing with conflict and our career driven goals.

The outcome of these tests proved to be a massive success. We shared the results collectively and were shown graphs and charts depicting our strengths as a team. This enabled us to effectively adjust the management structure of the group ( which previously had operated in a linear fashion). We approached a company secretary and managing director, which were both unanimous decisions across the board.

I would like to thank you for your time, effort and patience in assisting us here at Nice One Film. Your knowledge and expertise in running successful businesses was in valuable, you offered advice and guidance freely and were always on hand to discuss ideas and obstacles we may face as a new developing company.

Once again thank you for all that you have done. I would have no hesitation in promoting your services as I feel they have been such a benefit to Nice One Film.

Tom Woodall

MD Nice One Film

Casey and Associates

Dear Bill

I thought I’d write a short testimony about your services.

I decided to take you up on your offer of having a free one to one consultation, after starting my new post with Casey and associates as their legal consultant.

Although I’d been appointed to do exactly the same work as I’d done in my own business, working for a much larger organisation made me fell like a small fish in a very big pond.

At our consultation, which is focused on the power of influence and other tips, as a new consultant, I realised that although I was on the right track, it was my delivery that I knew I could improve upon!!

I took on board your comments on the way my pitch should be delivered and went to see a client straight after our meeting. with your tips in mind I noticed the difference in how the client approached their situation and an easier acceptance to the solutions provided… And a sign up!! Wow!!

Bill thank you very much for your advice and assistance which helped no end. I haven’t looked back.

I have now begun recommending you to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so now and in the future

Ms Debra John-Pierre